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Architecture is second nature to us and not just a vocation. We approach every new project, its requirements, aesthetics and form, as a new challenge.

The functionality and innovation of each project kick-start the design process, as we search for unique architectural and urban solutions. Lead by the programmatic and functional guidelines that are assigned to each individual project, its needs and scale, we aspire to create sensitive and sensible solutions of unique and individually tangible design results.
Fascinated by the elements that surround the built environment, we incorporate and accommodate them as an integral part of the design scheme. We aspire to create buildings that intertwine themselves within their specific site and climate, using this changes as an opportunity to create great design.

We strongly believe that quality within the architectural act, is not always a question of budget or trends, but derives from comprehensive research of the sites requirements; accompanied with an intensive process of technical detail development, specifically tailored to each project, resulting in sustainable design for our clients.

From hotels, offices, stores, restaurants or private housing, we believe in "out of the box” thinking, when it comes to design, inventing any solution within the right environment. Inspired by the wish to create sensitive and sensible design of the up most unique and high end quality, we embark on a mission to insure the end result is not only aesthetically pleasing or seasonable but smart, clear-sighted and made to last.

B.Arch. Architect, Bezalel Academy, Israel

Chamber of Architects, Berlin . Licence number 15733

Ministry of Industry Jerusalem Registration 1182104


- Ester Brutzkutz Architects (Berlin)

- Heide & Von Beckerath Architekten (Berlin)

- QB architecture design (Venice)

- Kamar & Co Project Management (Tel-Aviv)


Itay Friedman established IFA back in 2010, ever since his office and its team have been working with both private and commercial clients as well as developer on an assortment of projects. During 2019 /21 Itay started teaching in both NSDA and SDSU in San Diego California as well as being a guest lecturer & instructor for advance design studio, in the undergraduate and graduate level at the university of Texas school of architecture, Austin, TX. During this time Itay has establish further contacts within the field of architecture developing both his already strong international and multi local skill sets as well as collaborate academically and professionally with other architects in Berlin, California and Portugal.


Assaf Ruder, Architect (B.Arch)
2000 Graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design / Jerusalem, Israel


Ana Lytvyniuk, Architect (B.Arch)
2015 Graduated from Kiewer Nationale Universität für Bauwesen und Architektur / Kiew, Ukraine


Helen Rohachova (Interior Designer)



Ksenia Mokhova, Fato Zengin, Ana Lopez, Olivier Papin, Pia Maria Andriola, Kacper Radziszewski, Michal Morzy, Max Bilger, David Brufau, Nati Tunkelrot, Or Alexander Pearl, Denis Roschin.